Soft Valkyrie, from The Ring of the Nibelung

Unabridged MIDI arrangement of Richard Wagner's Die Walküre, 240 minutes

Starring: Stephen Fry (Narrator), Bryan the Mensah (Siegmund), Hailey Clark (Sieglinde), Attila Csihar (Hunding), Mattijs van de Woerd (Wotan), Claron McFadden (Brunhilde), as the Valkryies: ____, ____, ____, _____. Host: Laura Roling. MIDI Piano performed by Marc Evanstein & Ernst Munneke Presented by Holland Festival, Dutch National Opera, Staatsoper Hanover, NTR, and Goethe Institut


Gamer Wagnerism

Presentation at Ludomusicology conference, Royal Holloway, University of London

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The Nutcracker

Unabridged EDM arrangement of Pyotr Tchaikovsky's ballet, 90 minutes

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Daily studies, 360 tracks, 6 hours

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Heat Cantata, from Oikospiel Book II

(live opera for Soprano, Baritone, Pierrot Ensemble, software; 90 minutes)

Starring: Claron McFadden, Mattijs van de Woerd, Maze Ensemble

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Lyric Sonata

game for Mac/PC

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"Ecooperatic Game Theory"

essay in Oxford Handbook of Algorithmic Music

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game soundtrack, for Mac, PC, iOS, & Android

with Armel Gibson, Pol Clarrisou, and Pat Ashe

Awards: nominated for Independent Games Festival Best Audio

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2 LPs (Opis Ongs & Queen Rau's Rold)

album released by Noumenal Loom; cassette, 45 tracks, 1 hour

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Oikospiel Book I

dog opera for Mac & PC,

Awards: Independent Games Festival Nuovo Award, Indiecade Grand Jury Prize

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>> Soundtrack (I, II, III, IV)


album released by Orange Milk Records; cassette, 2 tracks, 45 minutes

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"Labor Power, Horse Power, Horse Opera, Dog Opera"

lecture, Screenshake, Antwerp



Landscape synthesizer for Mac & PC, optional MIDI controller

with Fernando Ramallo (design, art, programming), et. al

published by Finji & Polytron

Awards: AzPlay Best Sound

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"Oikos . . ."

Lecture, NYU Practice

Music Object, Substance, Organism

Lecture-operetta, Game Developer's Conference

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Game for Mac, PC, Linux, PS3, PS Vita

with Ed Key (design, art, programming)

Awards: Indiecade Best Sound


album released by Software Recording Co. CD/LP, 30 tracks, 50 minutes

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game soundtrack for PC, PS3

game by Shawn McGrath (design, art, programming)

Awards: Indiecade Best Sound

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ilinx group

imaginary record label & computer music improvisation ensemble

with Bryan Sonderman, et. al

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Wombflash Forest

Blog, through 2015

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Album, self-released, 9 tracks, 20 minutes

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Leprosie/The Crystal World

Digital 12", 2 tracks, 6 minutes

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The Portable Dragon

Mini-album, 10 tracks, 20 minutes

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Flower Walk EP

Songs, 4 tracks, 20 minutes

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Album of studies in interactive music for Mac & PC

with Josh Bothun (design, art, programming)

Made in Processing and SuperCollider

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Scenes from Arcturus

Synthetic poem based on David Lindsey’s novel A Voyage to Arcturus

The origin of Proteus’ music

4 tracks, 12 minutes

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