David Kanaga is a composer & designer
who develops instrumental game/play structures
in projects such as Proteus, Panoramical, Dyad,
and his forthcoming opera, Oikospiel,

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Oikospiel Book I

Independent Games Festival 2017 - Nuovo (Winner); Grand Prize (Honorable Mention)
Fantastic Arcade 2016 - Official Selection
Wild Rumpus 2016 - Official Selection


Independent Games Festival 2016 - Best audio (Nominee); Nuovo (Nominee); Grand Prize (honorable mention)
Azplay 2015 - Best Sound/Music
SF MoMA Ahhhcade - Official Selection
Fantastic Arcade 2013 - Official Selection + Cabinet


BAFTA 2013 - Debut game (nominee)
A MAZE Festival 2013 - Most Amazing Game
MoMA NYC "Common Senses" - Official Selection
Independent Games Festival 2013 - Nuovo (Nominee) ; Best Music (honorable mention) ; Grand Prize (honorable mention)
Indiecade 2011 - Best Music


Indiecade 2012 - Best Music


February 2017 - Hyperallergic, on Oikospiel, Katie Rose Pipkin
November 2015 - Wire Magazine Feature, Adam Harper
September 2015 - XLR8R, F. Ramallo + Me on Panoramical, Evan Shamoon
September 2015 - Offworld, Panoramical, Leigh Alexander
September 2015 - Famitsu on Panoramical, Yoshimura __
December 2013 - Adhoc Favorite Albums 2013 (DYAD OGST)
November 2013 - Wire Magazine, DYAD OGST review by Louis Pattison
February 2013 - The Guardian, Proteus reviewed by Keith Stewart
February 2013 - Proteus: A Trio of Artisinal Games, by Ian Bogost
March 2012 - KillScreen on DYAD by Jason Johnson & Ryan Kuo
March 2011 - Tome to the Weather Machine, Cybernetics reviewed by Crawford Phileo


2016, February
“Labor Power Horse Power Horse Opera Dog Opera” -sleeping lecture / demo
Screenshake, Antwerp

2015, October
“Neo Lib / Ear Zero” video, lecture
w/ Liz Ryerson
Indiecade, Culver City

2014, November
Instrumental Oikos - secco lecture
NYU Game Center: Practice, NYC

2014, March
Music Object, Substance, Organism (dub) - wet lecture
Game Developer’s Conference, SF

2013, September
Music and Games as Shifting Possibility Spaces - lecture
MIGS, Montreal

2013, September
Music as a Tangible Process - lecture

2012, September
Soundtrack Methods - Lecture


Oik OS - Mac/PC, Unity ~ ~ ~ ~ coming soon

Panoramical - Mac/PC/MIDI, Unity
w/ Fernando Ramallo, Finji, Polytron, Indie Fund, et al

Interplanetary Revolution - soundtrack

Nosferatu - soundtrack

Dyad OGST - CD, Vinyl,
w/ Software Recording Co.

Proteus - game, Mac, PC, PS4, Linux
w/ Ed Key

Dyad - game, PS4, PC
w/ Shawn McGrath

Wombflash Forest - blog, ongoing
Selected posts:

Ilinxgroup - improvisations
w/Bryan Sonderman, et al

Homo neanderthalensis - game, PC, MAC
w/ Josh Bothun
Game Maker

Small musics - blog

Ada - game, musical instrument album, PC, Mac
w/ Josh Bothun
Processing, Super Collider

Flower Walk EP

Leprosie / The Crystal World - EP

“Snakes” EP

Activities for Orchestra
Divertimento Chamber Orchestra
Jackson Maberry, conductor